Route 1 Transportation Improvement Project

MassDOT is proposing to make improvements to a portion of Route 1 in Revere, Malden and Saugus. The 2.4-mile project begins 1,500 feet south of the Route 1/Route 60 interchange (Copeland Circle) and continues north through the Route 1/Route 99 interchange.

Route 1 within the project area is primarily a limited-access urban principal arterial highway that serves as the major north-south roadway for communities north of Boston. This portion of Route 1 has long-standing operational and safety problems that are the result of a combination of factors -- high traffic volumes, poor roadway geometry, and a reduction in travel lanes from six to four throughout the 2.4-mile stretch.

This website is provided to keep the public and officials informed on the process of the project and to provide the project team with convenient access to feedback that will shape the design of the improvements.